Before and after results with Dr. Lissa Awake Arm Lift

Hate Those Bat Wings? Obliterate Heavy Arms With Awake Liposuction

Dr. Lissa just sat her re-certification exam in plastic surgery and one of the most striking questions for her involved identifying the procedure which is associated with the worse scar in plastic surgery. Well, the answer is traditional brachioplasty scar and this was no surprise to Dr. Lissa! Poor scars destroy the cosmetic look of any plastic […]

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Before and after Awake Lipo results

High Bmi / Plus Size Awake Liposuction: An Exciting Option

IS HIGH BMI / PLUS SIZE LIPOSUCTION FOR ME ? Liposuction has historically been performed in clients with lower BMI’s  (BMI 21-30). As the success of liposuction increased clients with larger BMI’s underwent liposuction with very mixed results . Some  common problems encountered were: Medical Problems: Lung & Heart Disorders Poorly Controlled Diabetes and Hypertension […]

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The amazing results of the Awake Lipo treatment

Awake Liposuction: A New Trend

Awake liposuction has been performed in varying limited forms since the tumescent liposuction technique was introduced in the  early seventies. Since this time technological advancements in liposuction have occurred  and now fat using the appropriate fat extracting modalities can be removed more  efficiently  than ever. The result generally accomplishes spot fat reduction and a streamline […]

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Photo of scar on shoulder

Common Causes Of Keloid Scars

A keloid scar is an overgrowth of scar tissue that sometimes forms after a cut or other event that results in trauma to the skin has healed. It is uncertain why these scars form, and they do not form every time there is an injury to the skin. They do seem more likely in people between 10 […]

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Woman in tight dress laying down on white

What Is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is more popularly known as a tummy tuck. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures to assist both men and women in having a smooth, flat stomach, although women are the most common candidates for this type of aesthetic surgery. Abdominoplasty offers an option for those who have resistant fat that is hanging […]

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Woman with curly hair - finding the right Rhinoplasty surgeon around Atlanta

Finding The Right Surgeon For Rhinoplasty In Atlanta

Choosing to get rhinoplasty is a major decision. You are about to undergo a permanent change to your facial structure. Whether you are dealing with a nose that is too large, too sharp or you have a hump on your nose, our experienced and talented plastic surgeon at Atlanta APC Plastic Surgery can help you to get the results […]

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Woman smiling and holding hands up to her face

Treat Sun-damaged Skin With Thermage®

When we are younger, there are very few things that are as enjoyable as spending the day out on the beach, getting a tan and having fun with friends and family. When you have a tan, you feel healthy and you feel like your skin looks attractive. And science has proven that when you spend […]

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Woman stretching to the sunset on the beach

How Getting A Breast Reduction Can Help With Back Pain

You wake up with back pain every day and it follows you throughout your day. It is still with you when you try to go to sleep, stealing your good night’s rest. You’ve tried visits to the chiropractor. You take pain medication every day. Nothing really works. You need to get to the source of […]

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Woman smiling and looking to her left with her arm above her head

Sick And Tired Of Loose Arm Skin? Consider Thermitight!

Some people dread the idea of wearing tank tops, swimsuits and other revealing clothing. This is because they have a lot of loose arm skin. If you are sick and tired of loose skin hanging on your arms, consider ThermiTight®. Individuals experience loose arm skin for a variety of reasons. First, this is something that naturally […]

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Woman in black underwear

Reverse Signs Of Aging With A Breast Lift

As a woman ages, the effects of gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes and simple aging can take a toll on her bust. It’s not at all uncommon for a woman to notice sagging or a loss of firmness at early as 40. If you feel your breasts are beginning to sag or droop, a breast lift can […]

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