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Fat Transfer

Fat shouldn’t always have a negative context attached to it. There are so many incredible benefits to the right kind of healthy fats that our bodies need to survive and function. In the case of aesthetics, fat also can do wonders when used to enhance a part of your body that needs a new contour. As we age, the bones in the face can shrink and become less dense, leading to a loss of support for the skin and soft tissues. This can result in a sagging or drooping appearance of the skin, particularly around the cheeks and jawline. In addition to bone loss and fat depletion, other factors such as gravity, sun damage, and repetitive facial expressions can also contribute to changes in the appearance of the face over time. Overall, these changes can lead to a less youthful and vibrant appearance; until now. Fat Transfer at Dr. Lissa Plastic Surgery is a world-class procedure that can enhance your facial features, promoting a youthful and vibrant new look. We provide Fat Transfer and Injections for residents in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities in Georgia.

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What is Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer in Atlanta, also known as Fat Grafting, is a cosmetic procedure where we use your own fat from problem areas such as bra bulges, love handles, abdomen, and thighs to areas like the breasts, buttocks, neck, or cheekbones to add increased fullness and volume. This procedure harvests fat from chubby problem areas in your body and transfers it to flat, sunken areas where fullness and volume are lacking. The process of our Fat Transfer typically involves three main steps:

1. Harvesting the fat – Dr. Lissa will use liposuction to remove fat from an area of the body where there is excess fat, such as the abdomen or thighs.

2. Processing the fat – The harvested fat is then purified and prepared for transfer by removing excess fluids and debris.

3. Injecting the fat – The purified fat is then carefully injected into the targeted area, such as the face or breasts, to add volume and contouring.

Fat Transfer procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their natural-looking results and the fact that the patient’s own tissue is used which reduces the risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

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What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer in Atlanta has become immensely popular with many benefits. Our patients find advantages over other procedures, such as:

  • The treatment is minimally invasive and performed as an outpatient procedure
  • Fat transfer provides dramatic improvements without plastic surgery
  • Fat transfer is safe and effective because there is no risk of an allergic reaction
  • The procedure harvests fat from problem areas in your body and moves it to new areas where volume is lacking to improve contours in both areas
  • The treatment requires no downtime

Who are the Best Candidates for Fat Transfer?

We have found that the best candidates for Fat Transfer in Atlanta are patients who:

  • Have enough excess body fat to transfer to their breasts
  • Have realistic expectations about the results
  • Are not undergoing breast cancer treatments
  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are in good general health
  • Are not nursing or pregnant
  • Have experienced implant complications

Whats the First Step?

To receive a Fat Transfer in Atlanta, patients must first schedule a consultation with Dr. Lissa or our plastic surgery consultants. During this initial appointment, our team will review your medical history and assess the skin and fat area that you wish to transfer from. We will discuss your goals and expectations for the treatment and provide them with information on what to expect during and after the procedure. Our team will also go over any potential risks or side effects associated with the treatment and answer any questions the patient may have. We then can tailor the Fat Transfer treatment to your specific needs, from harvest to injection, ensuring the best possible results. Our goal is to provide a safe and effective treatment that meets your expectations while minimizing any potential risks.

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What to Expect on the Day of Fat Transfer

When you arrive at Dr. Lissa Plastic Surgery, we will be firmly dedicated to your experience from start to finish. Prior to the Fat Transfer procedure, our highly skilled staff will administer a sedative or local anesthesia to ensure the utmost comfort. The procedure is performed in three steps. First, fat cells are extracted from the harvest site using liposuction. These harvest areas can include the abdomen, buttocks, back, thighs, or any other area where you may have excess fat. During the second step, the harvested fat cells are liquefied, isolated, and sterilized. Finally, the liquefied fat cells are injected directly into the target area using a fine needle. This innovative procedure effectively reduces fat from the harvest areas and increases volume and fullness in the target areas.

Fat Transfer Recovery

Recovery time can vary depending on the size of the target area and where the Fat Transfer took place. Dr. Lissa’s patients can expect to experience some degree of recovery within the first 48 hours following the procedure. You will be able to move around more freely and may resume some of your normal daily activities at this time. It’s important to note that recovery time can vary significantly depending on the procedure, the patient’s overall health and well-being, and any preexisting medical conditions.

How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of a Fat Transfer in Atlanta can vary depending on several factors, costs may be incurred depending on individual patient needs and preferences. Our dedicated Patient Coordinator is available to provide patients with a comprehensive breakdown of costs associated with their treatment once a personalized treatment plan is in place.

For your convenience, we do offer financing options such as Carecredit, Alpheon, or United Medical. We also accept credit cards, cash, and bitcoins for our services.


Why Choose Dr. Lissa?

Lissa Bootstaylor, MD, is a renowned plastic surgeon who offers customized medical and aesthetic treatments to individuals of all ages. Dr. Lissa is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Her reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country speaks volumes about her expertise and professionalism. Dr. Lissa’s team of professionals gives each patient personalized attention, ensuring that they receive top-notch care. Fat Transfer is one of the procedures that Dr. Lissa specializes in, and her team provides exceptional care when it comes to reshaping and contouring delicate facial features such as the cheeks, jawline, and lips. Whether you’re seeking surgical or non-surgical treatments to enhance your appearance, Dr. Lissa and her team are committed to helping you attain your desired look while offering personalized care and attention to detail. Simply put, helping you look at feeling your best is our business!


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Fat Transfer FAQs

  • “Dr. Bootstaylor performed my plastic surgery several years ago in multiple areas. My results were amazing! She is a perfectionist.”
  • I don’t think there are words to describe the experience with Dr. Lissa and staff. The love and kindness is profound. They make you feel heard, but most of all, they make everyone feel beautiful. They treat you like family, not just another patient off of the street. Love, love love, Dr. Lissa Bootstaylor and the ladies of the office!
  • The entire staff was friendly and professional. They took the time to go over the entire procedure with me. As for Dr Lissa, she was very personable and she listened to me. And answered all my questions and concerns.

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We’re here to help, with a number of patient resources designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Read through the materials below, and don’t hesitate to reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.

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