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When we are younger, there are very few things that are as enjoyable as spending the day out on the beach, getting a tan and having fun with friends and family. When you have a tan, you feel healthy and you feel like your skin looks attractive. And science has proven that when you spend a certain amount of time in the sun, you can get vitamin D, which provides a wide range of health benefits, including helping you to feel great emotionally. One of the last things that young individuals have on their mind when they are out enjoying a day at the beach is the effect that the sun will have on their skin as they get older.

Unlike spending time on the beach, dealing with sun damage is simply no fun. Sun damage can make you look a lot older than you really are. If you had taken care of your skin, you may not have started noticing wrinkles on your face until you were in your forties. However, if you spent a lot of time exposed to the sun when you were younger, you may experience premature wrinkling when you are in your early thirties. So as an individual who may be only 35 years old, you look like you may be over 40.

Having sun-damaged skin is more than just dealing with wrinkles. Sun damage causes your skin to look dry and scaly. It also causes you to have brown spots on your skin. This means that you have an uneven skin tone. All of these things make you look a lot older than you are and leave you with anything but blemish-free skin.

There is nothing that individuals can do to turn back the clock and go back and protect their skin when they were younger. However, they can use different types of treatments that are now available to treat sun damage. Thermage® is a great option.

Thermage® is a radio frequency therapy that has proven time and again that it can help individuals who are dealing with sun-damaged skin. Actually, this great treatment has been able to treat a variety of skin conditions. Also, it can be used on many areas of the body.

Thermage® has been able to effectively treat the face. This means that it can treat sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, and even get rid of loose jowls. It remodels the collagen in the skin and gives you an overall healthy look. It can also be used on your body, helping to improve your skin tone everywhere.

Many individuals who use Thermage® wish that they had tried it sooner. They have been very surprised at how great their skin looks after trying the treatment. Something that surprises them, even more, is how much better they feel. Sometimes individuals do not connect how their physical appearance affects them emotionally. If you feel bad about an uneven skin tone, wrinkles and other signs of sun-damaged skin, you may begin to feel depressed and not live your life to the fullest. Thermage® can improve the appearance of your skin and help you to regain your confidence.

By Lisa Bootstaylor, MD

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