Patient Testimonials

Jacqueline B.
Submitted 04/11/23
Very professional and informational and the entire staff was very nice.
Teteisha P.
Submitted 03/29/23
Dr. Bootstaylor and her staff are absolutely amazing!!! You are not a $ sign to them. Patient care and satisfaction is their #1 priority and it shows. From the time I walked in their office I was treated with care and respect. They literally explained every detail of what I was to expect before, during, and after surgery…. I wasn’t just handed paperwork to read and sign… THAT SPOKE VOLUMES TO ME!!! And when it comes to my results… I ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY RESULTS!!! I’m a plus size barbie and I always had a nice shap… but they way she snatched this waist baby… and extenuating my curves… the words happy, ecstatic, sexy, fine… is an understatement!!! I traveled all the way from Florida one of the capitals for plastic surgery for this type of care… so if you don’t want to be treated like a number or a $ sign, and want to be treated like a patient with dignity and respect then look no further.
Constance E.
Submitted 03/28/23
Dr Lissa is so pleasant with her patients. She is very caring as well.
Andrea L.
Submitted 03/14/23
It is always a pleasure seeing my favorite Dr.Lissa, I always get a warm welcome, she is amazing her team is amazing, if you are thinking about having plastic surgery, then Dr.Lissa and her team is the place you want to be.
Jennifer C.
Submitted 03/01/23
So far I’ve only completed the consult. Staff seems very friendly and makes you feel comfortable with your surgical needs. I look forward to the procedure
Submitted 02/24/23
Phenomenal experience!!! Super professional and friendly!
Christian C.
Submitted 02/22/23
If you want a team that answers all of your questions and listens to you then choose Dr. Lissa! You will not be disappointed!
Ruth W.
Submitted 02/21/23
Professional personable productive physician and staff
Layeta H.
Submitted 02/01/23
Customer service is awesome.
Calandra W.
Submitted 02/01/23
I really enjoyed speaking with Dominique to discuss the options that fit my specific needs best. Here recommendations made me aware of options that I previously never considered. I’m looking forward to taking the next steps in this process!
Tyra P.
Submitted 01/31/23
I love this place. The professionalism of these group of people is phenomenal. They are friendly and compassionate. Dr Lissa is amazing. She listens to what you want and works with you to get the results. Very knowledgeable about her craft. I highly recommend Dr Lissa and her team
Brandy S.
Submitted 01/20/23
Great personal skills. Explaining everything was great.
Christian C.
Submitted 01/19/23
I love the staff and Dr. Lissa! They are always so friendly when I come in and they answer all of my questions!
Rashad L.
Submitted 01/12/23
There isn’t a dictionary available to describe the work performed, staff care and overall service. Dr. Taylor has changed my life.
Savannah T.
Submitted 01/11/23
I talked to Dominique and she made me feel so excited an comfortable it was like talking to someone in my family and I REALLY loved that she has gone through the procedure so I’m getting both prospectives of patient an doctor point it was easy an I can’t wait to see them!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sonja B.
Submitted 01/05/23
Great staff. Awesome doctor
Damilola Y.
Submitted 01/05/23
Dr Lissa and the entire team were of great help to me, walked me through the process and followed up after the surgery. I love how everything turned out.
Lakeisha S.
Submitted 12/27/22
I had my initial consultation Jan 2022 and had high BMI awake lipo 360 with mini tummy tuck performed March 2022. Dr. Lissa and her staff were absolutely amazing!! Dr. Lissa listened to my concerns regarding my problem areas to ensure I would have the best outcome possible. It’s very nerve wracking to trust someone to carry out your vision of how you wish to look once you are off the table but Dr Lissa did just that. I couldn’t be happier with my results!! Her staff is very kind and professional and ALWAYS went out of their way to address any questions or concerns I may have had both pre and post op. So if you are on the fence, this is your sign. What are you waiting for? Girl, book that surgery!
Shenika E.
Submitted 12/27/22
Absolute best experience!!! Dr. Lissa and her staff are very professional, and they go above and beyond to take care of your needs. This is my first time having any type of cosmetic procedure and I could not have asked for a better surgeon. Besides the fact that she is good at her job, I really love the fact that she loves God. The vibe of her office has always been very welcoming and accommodating. I have sent messages and not one has gone unanswered. I respect the fact that they are professional and place high value of their patients’ needs and concerns. I was very well taken care of, and if I was to ever have another procedure, she will be the only one I trust to do it. My results are amazing and I could not be more happy and satisfied. Well done Dr. Lissa and staff!!!!
Stacey J.
Submitted 12/14/22
Dr. Lissa is AWESOME. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She made me feel comfortable about the procedure and makes herself available to address any concerns. She really cares about her patients and her work. I HIGHLY recommend her.
Brittany H.
Submitted 11/30/22
The assistant I had my initial consultation with was very thorough in the process.
Ruth W.
Submitted 11/01/22
Dr LISSA is a top shelf professional but the staff are no slobs either. Very professional practice
Kacey T.
Submitted 10/18/22
Dr. Lissa and staff have been so attentive and kind. They make you feel very comfortable during the process of planning. Answer all questions completely and explain things you didn’t think to ask. I heard about her through another woman who had work done with her and wanted to drive 5 hours to see her, bc I was so impressed with an IRL example of her work.
Joyce T.
Submitted 10/14/22
Where do I start…..I guess from the beginning. My initial consultation, I spoke to Dominique, she was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and extremely honest. My first visit to the office was like meeting friends, Ms. Geri greeted me with a smize,(smile with the eyes) she was wearing a mask. Dr. Lissa wasn’t there because of an emergency but Janise did her thing. She marked up my pictures and made suggestions but always mentioning she would pass the information to Dr. Lissa to make the final decision. Surgery day, I was understandably nervous, Ms. Geri was there to greet me with her smize and “good morning, are you ready!” The staff was attentive, while taking my vitals, Janise and I talked not about the surgery just talked which really helped me to relax. Then she explained to me what would to expect and assured me that I would be in good hands. Dr. Lissa came in with the happiest greeting and explained the process again and began to mark up my body telling me that she expected great results. After I came home I received text messages asking about how I was feeling. My visits back to the office were all pleasurable, Alisha is the sweetest person and boosted my confidence on every visit. I did have a set back but the office made sure I never felt abandoned and that I would be fine. I am currently 6 months post op and very happy with my results. Would I recommend Dr. Lissa? Hell yeah, she’s a petite lady but don’t get it twisted she’s in great shape and her skills are amazing. She’s going to get every piece of fat that she legally can. Would I have the procedure done again? Hell yes! My stomach looked like a double cheeseburger but not anymore! I’m finally confident in my clothes again. Thank you Dr. Lissa & Staff! I love y’all
Tyra P.
Submitted 10/11/22
Dr Lissa and her entire staff are they best. No matter when I text them with a concern, someone would reply in a timely manner. Although I am not their only patient, I sure felt like it. Dr Lissa goes over the entire process with you. And will give you her professional analysis. I highly recommend this family!
Corretta H.
Submitted 10/04/22
Dr Lissa and her staff a just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
Brandy B.
Submitted 10/04/22
The entire staff is amazing! Always able to answer any questions & make me feel so comfortable with my procedure.
Malissa K.
Submitted 09/27/22
Prompt, professional, thoughtful
Charmene B.
Submitted 09/20/22
From my consultation until my last visit, Dr. Bootstaylor and her entire team make you feel like family.
Quitica W.
Submitted 09/14/22
Awesome and concise as always!
Tara J.
Submitted 09/06/22
The consultant was patient and informative.
Andrea L.
Submitted 09/02/22
Today was my confirmatory .I love the staff everyone is soo nice , love Dr.Lissa ❤️. They make me feel so comfortable, I know I am going to be in good hands.
Sharon H.
Submitted 08/31/22
Definitely. Consult over the phone was very informative. Answered all my questions. Sha was great to talk too. Gave me lots of options and explained everything. Thank you
Tania J.
Submitted 08/30/22
Submitted 08/26/22
If I could give Dr. Lissa and her staff 100 stars I would! AWESOME EXPERIENCE every single time!!!
Meghan P.
Submitted 08/24/22
Dr Lissa’s team is exceptional and my Georgia home away from home. I can’t wait for my next procedure here in a couple months!
Joan M.
Submitted 08/23/22
Miss bootstaylor and her staff are amazing they are very concerning they allow you to ask questions they tell you everything in detail every time I get a contact with them I always get a text or a call back very quickly they are very down to earth
Rwanda N.
Submitted 07/28/22
For this being the first time ever being consulted for a procedure, I was quite nervous. During the consultation with Chae, she made me feel very comfortable.
Meghan P.
Submitted 07/19/22
I am completely blown away by the attention to detail and thorough explanation of the procedure and office from the staff! Dr. Lissa is so kind and has answered every question. I feel very comfortable and confident moving forward and I am so excited for this journey!
Jasmine G.
Submitted 07/12/22
It was wonderful!! She made me feel so comfortable with my decision I can’t wait to be snatched!
Jazmine M.
Submitted 06/29/22
Dr lissa is great! I’m loving my results a month post op and ready to see my new girls fluff more! I’m happy!!
Ahkeela B.
Submitted 06/28/22
Leadership is certainly displayed here. NOT only is Dr. LIssA Bootstaylor AMAZING, but the staff is as well. Dr. Lissa’s office displayed friendliness, compassion, and kindness. They were extremely knowledgeable in every area of questioning. I can’t remember her name…but the Nurse at the front desk is so sweet. All of them were. I felt special, and well taken care of. It felt like this was the perfect Office for me. Extremely clean, and professional. Doc saw my vision, and now I am super excited!!! SNATCH HERE I COME!!
Mary S.
Submitted 06/23/22
While visiting Dr. Lissa, she was thorough and compassionate. She listen to you and answer any questions you may have.
Celeste P.
Submitted 06/18/22
Dr. Lisa was very personable, she answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. With my particular medical history and needs, she gave me a realistic plan to move forward with my cosmetic goals. So excited to work with Dr. Lissa Bootstaylor!
Wanda B.
Submitted 06/15/22
Very happy with Dr Lissa and her staff! Two months post-op and am very happy with progress to this point…
Khalilah A.
Submitted 06/07/22
Very professional and knowledgeable. I have had three other procedures with three other doctors. If I found Dr. Bootstaylor earlier, it wouldn’t have had the three others!
Erika B.
Submitted 06/01/22
Everyone was really nice. They answered all my questions and were very thorough!
Quitica W.
Submitted 06/01/22
Dr. B rocks! She is very knowledgeable, considers your body type and creates a clear picture of what to expect.
Cupidana B.
Submitted 05/16/22
It’s been 3 weeks after my lipo 360 and I can already see a major difference.Dr.Lissa is a perfectionist who pays attention to detail and give you the best results possible.She has given me my self confidence back.I am so happy with my results now and can’t image what the ends results will be.Thank You !! Dr.Lissa you are send from heaven!!!
Sherry M.
Submitted 05/09/22
The office staff was very professional and attentive while I waiting to see Dr.Lissa. The doctor explained my options clearly and did not up sell procedures she thought would not bring me the optimal results.
Wanda B.
Submitted 05/09/22
Dr Lisa is a breath of fresh air, compared to other specialty Dr’s. She does not rush my appts. She genuinely cares how I feel both at surgical site, surrounding areas and my emotional health! Her staff all follow her lead, once you are checked in you’re made to feel important and never forgotten. I highly recommend Dr Lisa for her surgical knowledge, experience and the staff she as put together that provide professional support to her clients and in anticipating Dr Lisa’s needs when she is working with her clients! It was very important to me that my Dr be board certified and accredited as a plastic surgeon, which she is. Dr Lisa is also identified as an outstanding physician in her field; and has been for several years. Thank you Dr Lisa Boostaylor, my Fairy God Mother!
Veronica S.
Submitted 04/22/22
I had wanted to get a tummy tuck, hernia repair and lipo. After much research, I selected Dr. Bootstaylor and am so glad I did. My criteria was: 1) Must be certified 2) Must accept high BMI 3) Must be female 5) Mist be able to repair hernias 4) Can do drainless Tummy Tucks She checked all the boxes. I would like to give an honest review of pros and cons… PROS: Communication from the beginning has been great; it’s a little different for me having to use text that goes to all the office staff so it helps to address your text to the person you intend it to go to. Interactions with Dr. Lissa were so pleasant, she is very knowledgeable and willing to explain things, she takes her time and gives you undivided attention. I am so pleased with my results, she heard my every request and even went above and beyond. For example, I tend to keloid and had an abdominal scar that was a year old. Dr. Lisa took the time to treat my old scar during surgery. After surgery, I had noticed the scar was shrunken and flat. I pointed it out at my 1 week appt and she told me she had treated it. She took initiative to correct a blemish and I didn’t have to ask her and she had foresight to use that old scar as a test site incase I needed keloid treatment in the future so now she knows the exact formula for me. She is very knowledgeable and has an eye for art. My incision is symmetrical and healing so smoothly. She is very skilled and it’s obvious. The ladies at my recovery house were changing my dressings and I overheard them say “her doctor even did this, shes a good doctor”. That validated what I already knew from my research. My belly button is so cute! I requested to keep my original belly button but was told that may be difficult with a belly button hernia (which I had researched & read many others had lost their belly button due to a hernia). Not with Dr. Lissa! She saved my belly button and repaired the huge hernia as well. She is definitely a God send and I am blessed to have had her work on me. She accepts high BMI. Not everyone fits into one mold and she understands that. I consulted at a BMI of 40. I was never asked to loose weight and it was never discussed. It’s difficult to find a good surgeon with out BMI restrictions. They are far and few in between but I am grateful she isn’t afraid of a little challenge. CONS: (If you can call them that) I was first put off that I had to pay for my consultation with Dr. Lissa. I would have liked it if they would credit you if you booked the surgery. However, it’s worth it and in hindsight, I would pay it willingly knowing what I know now. Her time is valuable and she really does give you her undivided attention. She is a little on the pricey side, could be because I fall into the high BMI category, but let me tell you this ~ She is worth every penny! I have absolutely no regrets at all. I could have gone to Miami and paid half of what I paid but I chose personalized care. I didn’t want to feel like I was in a production line and only another number. I was given great care that was personalized to my individualized needs. I was the only surgery scheduled for that day so she was fresh for me and only focused on me. Therefore, you get what you pay for. Overall I am just over the moon with my results and am grateful to Dr. Lissa and her team for all they have done for me!
Salita S.
Submitted 04/20/22
They have taken care of everything. So friendly, professional, informative, and considerate! So glad I chose Dr. Lissa!
Lauren O.
Submitted 04/04/22
I absolutely love Dr. Lisa and her team! I called and was able to do a virtual consult the same day with ease with all of my questions answered. Truly, I’m so thankful I found such a wonderful place. I have a higher BMI and was not turned away. I can’t wait for surgery date !!!!!!!!!
Shelly W.
Submitted 03/16/22
Today was my 3 month check up. Once again NEVER disappointed with Dr. LISSA and her staff. Very friendly and always happy to see me. I feel so good when going into her office. They treat me like family. The 1st time that I had lipo was Jan 2021, went back for 2nd round in Nov 2021 to do some touch ups that I wanted. Loving my results. Totally new woman! Please take note Dr. LISSA is hands down the most genuine doctor that I have met. AND guess what ladies and gentlemen, this Dr. LISSA BOOTSTAYLOR is a DOUBLE BOARD CERTIFIED African American Woman Plastic Surgeon who knows her stuff. Nice and natural results like no other. She serves all sizes and ethnicities. Its just difficult for us to find a Dr. Like this. NOT no more. I highly recommend Dr Bootstaylor for not only women, but men as well. If you are in need, her office is truly indeed the place to go!❤
Victor D.
Submitted 03/09/22
Awesome service calmed my surgery fears and concerns in one visit.
Dorethea E.
Submitted 03/02/22
Exceptional service from Dr Lissa Bootstaylor and her entire team.
Marquitta S.
Submitted 03/01/22
Great experience. Everyone I came in contact with was excellent. Dr. Lissa, thank you for being very personable and attentive. My husband even felt the love and the attention to care.
Submitted 03/01/22
Best body snatcher I know
Claudia H.
Submitted 01/27/22
Dr Lisa’s main concern isn’t making money, she genuinely cares about what she does & has her patients well being at first hand. She had to split my surgery into 2 parts because it was best for my health. Although it was disappointing at that time, come to find out, she was right & it was exactly what was needed for my care. I’ve had 3 surgeries with her & this should be my last, but if I ever needed anything else done, she will always be my 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice!! Thanks Dr B!!!
Anthony G.
Submitted 01/20/22
Very professional and knowledgeable
Margie N.
Submitted 01/15/22
My first visit was awesome, Dr. Bootstaylor and her staff are awesome. They made me comfortable and at ease. Dr. Bootstaylor is very friendly, informative and very understanding. She explained thoroughly and really calmed my nerves about plastic surgery.
Beverly T.
Submitted 01/07/22
Dr. Bootstaylor and her staff are AWESOME!!! Everyone is courteous, they go over and beyond to make sure your questions are answered and you are comfortable. I highly recommend for your cosmetic surgery!!
Luevon G.
Submitted 01/04/22
I always receive first rate service form Dr. Lissa and her staff
DonnaMarie S.
Submitted 12/29/21
I love my results! Professional staff and AWESOME Doctor !!!
Submitted 12/19/21
This office is fantastic. Caring, attentive, on point always.
Kimone O.
Submitted 12/18/21
From the beginning Dr Lissa and her staff has been amazing, after my virtual consultation with her I just knew she would be my doctor. She was very patient and answered all my questions and I never felt rushed, and continues to be the same throughout my recovery. Chae, Janese and Geri are the best….very professional and so so helpful. I love the ability to be able to text if I have a question and know that I will get a response the same day. I would highly recommend Dr Lissa and her staff.
Gretel W.
Submitted 12/16/21
Everyone in the office was very helpful. Very sweet. Dr. Lissa is great and has a wonderful bedside manner. You’re more than a number.
Whitney K.
Submitted 12/15/21
Professional, caring and knowledgeable staff. Wonderfully skilled surgeon. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!
Felicia G.
Submitted 12/08/21
This was an exciting opportunity and time for me and I’m so blessed to have found them!!!!
Sherri R.
Submitted 12/03/21
My consultation with Dr. Lissa was pleasant. She is thorough and ready to answer any questions that you may have! Her staff is very courteous and professional!
Janice H.
Submitted 11/20/21
Dr. Lissa and her office staff takes great care for me and my needs. Dr. Lissa chose a procedure for me that was not so hard to endure but yet accomplish my goal. My time in surgery was very comfortable and recovery time was easy. I recommend Dr. Lissa and her practice to anyone seeking this type body needs. She is excellent at what she does.
Robin H.
Submitted 11/11/21
Oh!Oh!Oh! She did it again nobody but the beast the body snatcher when it comes to all my surgeries she’s the best Dr.Lisa Bootstaylor truly cares about her patients a real professional as well as her staff with that being said just keep doing the damn thing girl.
Tameshia A.
Submitted 11/08/21
Dr. Lissa, will give you what’s best and not what you need.
Felicia G.
Submitted 10/20/21
It was amazing the office staff is awesome and the doctor is so excited for her patients that it makes you even more ready!!!
Shelle C.
Submitted 10/15/21
Everyone was so nice, welcoming and professional
Charmene B.
Submitted 10/13/21
After researching many different doctors, reading reviews and multiple consultations, I choose Dr.Lissa. Her total staff is amazing, Chae is very professional, organized, detail oriented and most importantly knowledgeable. Take a look at her IG page at her clients results. Especially at how well the scars heal. I gave Dr. Lissa’s team my surgery date, they made it happen. Nov 5th I will become one of Dr Lissa’s Dolls.
Fay H.
Submitted 10/13/21
Very good!
Fay H.
Submitted 10/13/21
Dr. Lisa is excellent. She explains everything in detail and has a great bedside manner.
Melanie S.
Submitted 09/22/21
Kizuwanda B.
Submitted 09/15/21
I love the whole team just excellence across the board!
Luevon G.
Submitted 09/08/21
I was pleased with the care, attention and professionalism I experienced from start to finish.
Beverly T.
Submitted 08/30/21
Dr. Bootstaylor and her staff are awesome!!!
Regine W.
Submitted 08/18/21
Perfect experience
Vestina R.
Submitted 08/12/21
My whole experience has been positive and I haven’t even had my procedures yet! I was greeted and made to feel welcomed in, everyone was pleasant and professional. The staff made me feel comfortable and was very thorough with explaining everything! My embarrassment was quickly relieved when it was time for my “photo shoot”..and when I got to meet Dr.Bootstaylor not only was I in awe of her but she kept everything all the way REAL with me..(I love the elbow bump
Melissa R.
Submitted 08/12/21
I had my pre-op appt yesterday. Everyone in the office is amazing! The staff is friendly, welcoming, answered all questions & make you feel comfortable. Surgery is on 8/19…super excited & I trust that I am in good hands!
Brenda W.
Submitted 07/28/21
Dr Lissa surpassed what I had been told about her and what I read on my own. She is both knowledgeable and personable and explains every inch of the surgery you are interested in having done. I definitely want her to perform my surgery.
Christine R.
Submitted 07/25/21
Comfortably amazing!
Kizuwanda B.
Submitted 07/13/21
I love Dr Lissa & staff they are so nice
Tameka R.
Submitted 07/07/21
Dr. Lissa and her entire staff has been nothing but amazing throughout my entire procedure. I immediately felt at ease – and felt confident in receiving expert medical care. Dr. Lissa combines expertise and a willingness to listen and discuss your concerns and questions. I am truly loving my results!!
Shelly W.
Submitted 07/07/21
Great results from Dr. Lissa and her team is fabulous!!!
Salimah B.
Submitted 07/07/21
I appreciate my experience with Dr. Lissa and her staff I am feeling like the staff cares and that I understand the process each step of the way. I would recommend Dr. Lissa to my friends and family.
Janice H.
Submitted 06/23/21
During my visits with Dr. Lissa and her staff were very calm and confident of the service they were providing leaving me with a feeling of trust and satisfaction.
Mary B.
Submitted 06/03/21
Love her!
Bertha A.
Submitted 05/05/21
Dr. Lissa was very personable; she made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions It was a thorough consult. I am definitely having her do my surgery soon
Melvin E.
Submitted 03/31/21
I love my Dr. Lisa! We’ve become so cool in the past year!
Velincia L.
Submitted 02/03/21
My visit to Dr. Bootstaylor’s office is always a great visit! The staff is so welcoming. They make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Bootstaylor is heaven sent. She answers all of your questions and concerns in detail. I had lip 360 three months ago and I’m overjoyed with my results.
Tameka R.
Submitted 10/30/20
Dr. Bootsaylor was very attentive during my consultation. She was very informative and listened to my questions and concerns for the procedure. I am highly confident that Dr.Bootsaylor will meet my desired goals.
Takeisha H.
Submitted 10/05/20
She’s the best, didn’t think my surgery was gone come out how I wanted. Well let’s just say girlfriend got curves now
Mariah K.
Submitted 09/26/20
My consultation was wonderful. Dr. Bootstaylor actively listened to me and provided helpful information. I would definitely recommend her !
Malcolm N.
Submitted 09/16/20
Very informative, very attentive, I learned quite a bit today!
Justine C.
Submitted 08/31/20
My consultation was great! Dr. Bootstaylor is so sweet. We went over all my concerns where she took her time and was patient. Thank you! I’m excited. Also The ambassador Chae was very welcoming.
Jamie G.
Submitted 08/31/20
My experience was quite pleasant. Dr. Lissa’s staff was very professional and attentive. I am so grateful!
Submitted 08/09/20
I recommend this office and of course Dr Lissa without any reservations .
Lashanda R.
Submitted 08/07/20
The consultant was very pleasant and informative!
Tameka “Tamee” S.
Submitted 08/05/20
Everybody is awesome!
Shantel C.
Submitted 07/16/20
Gwendolyn S.
Submitted 07/10/20
This is my third experience with Dr. Lissa. I trusted her with my daughter at the age of 17, and to this day we are so thankful to her. She is a professional, but always approachable and caring. She is a wife, mother, and a great leader. Thanks to Dr. Bootstaylor and her great staff for serving our community.
Erica M.
Submitted 07/03/20
Consultation was informative and smooth! Too excited to start my new journey! Dr. Boots-Taylor is where you need to go, love her attention to detail in making sure the outcome exceeds your expectations!
Yova R.
Submitted 06/26/20
The medical assistants are AWESOME!!!
Velvet O.
Submitted 06/05/20
I did a virtual consultation and I was provided the same care and attention as I would have inside the office. I’m excited to have the opportunity to change what I want changed.
Robin H.
Submitted 02/28/20
Dr.Bootstaylor gets down with the get down baby my procedure she performed is the bomb if you want it done right this is the place to be no regrets.
Regina B.
Submitted 02/14/20
Love Dr.Bootstaylor. She did three of my procedures and was please with all procedures. Her staff and herself were very professional and friendly
Portia C.
Submitted 01/27/20
I was a little nervous but Dr. Lisa really set my mind at ease. Her team is phenomenal and made sure that I was comfortable. It has taken me 12 years to finally say that I need to take care of me. After my consultation, there was no more nervousness. I could not wait to begin my new life with my new body! It has now been over 4 weeks post-op and I am loving the new skin I am in. I was blessed to be treated by a professional who understands THE plight and who has blessed hands that created a new me; a better me! I will ALWAYS be grateful that I took that first step. And like my husband said (and he can be somewhat hard to please), if anyone is to “fix” me, it HAS to be Dr. Bootstaylor and her gifted hands! Thanks Dr. Lissa for being the BEST in your class
Reginald H.
Submitted 01/08/20
Jacquelyn J.
Submitted 01/07/20
Very personal front desk personnel
Ebony W.
Submitted 12/10/19
The front staff was extremely courteous and knowledgeable and Dr Bootstaylor was informative, down to earth and she answered all of my questions!
Carla M.
Submitted 12/03/19
The virtual consultation was convenient and quite informative.
Angellica G.
Submitted 11/27/19
Submitted 11/11/19
Very personable provider.
Jennifer L.
Submitted 10/30/19
She was amazing. I felt very comfortable with her
Vinica H.
Submitted 10/21/19
Shay L.
Submitted 10/21/19
She is absolutely amazing! I went to several doctors for second opinions and consults and she had the best bedside manners and method of informing me about the details surrounding my surgery. I highly recommend her!
Davida C.
Submitted 10/20/19
Wonderful staff and Dr B was excellent in her explanation of what and how services are need/provided. Grwat consult
Shay W.
Submitted 10/14/19
The staff was comforting and supportive. All questions were answered thoroughly and I left feeling confident in my choice to have liposuction.
Karen R.
Submitted 10/12/19
The staff & Dr. Bootstaylor are very friendly & courteous. I came in for a complimentary consultation but because I drove from central SC, Dr. Bootstaylor gave me a personal consult so I would not have to make the 4 hour drive again. I received a quote by email and intend to schedule an appointment for her next available date.
Barbara P.
Submitted 10/08/19
Great staff available to work with you. Her support staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Teresa W.
Submitted 10/05/19
Dr Lisa was very friendly, knowledgeable and personable
Ashley E.
Submitted 09/20/19
Amazing and very informative. Look forward to moving on with this process with her
John H.
Submitted 09/03/19
Shelly-Ann G.
Submitted 08/21/19
Excellent staff and Doctor great service.. They made me feel very comfortable. Staff very professional. I’ve already recommend some of my friends.. I will definitely go there again
Dakira W.
Submitted 08/02/19
Dr. Boots Taylor was pleasant and professional. She was insightful and answered all of my questions.
Derrika H.
Submitted 07/02/19
Awesome Janese is the best so sweet and very professional
Alanicia H.
Submitted 06/19/19
Dr. Lissa, is highly gifted in her craft. I have full trust in every word she says and how she plans to proceed. Dr. Lissa is caring and will give it to you straight. I appreciate her for who she is as a Doctor and glad I selected her to perform my surgery!
Nicole H.
Submitted 05/11/19
Excellent bedside manners, gives you realistic results that will make people notice. Well worth the investment. She is a board certified surgeon that you can TRUST to get the best care and realistic expectations with phenomenal results!!!!
Jill L.
Submitted 05/10/19
Professional, personal, and a perfectionist!
Shirley F.
Submitted 05/08/19
Great surgeon, easy to talk to, Dr. Lisa listens and responds professionally.
Submitted 05/07/19
Wonderful experience. Dr. Lissa and her staff were very warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I had a great overall experience before, during, and after their procedure.
Donna L.
Submitted 05/03/19
Friendly and helpful staff. Dr. is very easy to talk to and didn’t rush, gave me very honest solutions. I’m excited to have my procedure with her.
L C.
Submitted 04/30/19
Waiting time was minimal. Staff was very professional Excellent experience, will make more appointments
Valeria W.
Submitted 04/22/19
I had a wonderful consultation experience at this office. Everything was explained to me in detail. The staff were very informative and polite and made me feel comfortable while I was there. I’m really excited about getting my procedure done.
Johnny F.
Submitted 04/17/19
Patricia B.
Submitted 04/15/19
I have a wonderful experience with each visit I have with Dr. Bootstaylor. She takes time to listen to all your concerns and she does an excellent job in explaining your concerns. Go Dr. Bootstaylor.
Earleen A.
Submitted 04/15/19
Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor is a an excellent, professional, skillful and caring plastic surgeon. Her medical knowledge and surgical expertise make for great outcomes and satisfied patients. My experience has left me feeling and look -ing so amazing.
Danet W.
Submitted 04/13/19
I can’t wait to have my procedure done
Latonia T.
Submitted 04/11/19
She is very knowledgeable about her procedures and makes the patient (myself) feels that she cares about their wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr. Bootstaylor.
Ashley F.
Submitted 03/12/19
My consultation was great I was in and Out she addressed all of my concerns and she listened ❤️ Great doctor I can’t wait to have my surgery
Catina P.
Submitted 01/11/19
I had my consultation, and Dr Bootstaylor very informative, and completely explain all expectations with no questions asked on my part. I can’t wait for my surgery, and to see the final results.
Lisha J.
Submitted 12/19/18
Staff was very friendly
Lawanda G.
Submitted 09/24/18
Professional staff. Dr Lissa has an amazing spirit that is comforting and reassuring.

Patient Resources

We’re here to help, with a number of patient resources designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Read through the materials below, and don’t hesitate to reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.

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