Awake Liposuction: A New Trend

The amazing results of the Awake Lipo treatment

Awake liposuction has been performed in varying limited forms since the tumescent liposuction technique was introduced in the  early seventies. Since this time technological advancements in liposuction have occurred  and now fat using the appropriate fat extracting modalities can be removed more  efficiently  than ever. The result generally accomplishes spot fat reduction and a streamline body contour for larger vlume fat removal.

As a board certified plastic surgeon I have observed and studied this evolution and now offer twlight body contouring for 95% of my liposuction patients. Combining both the finesse of my intraoperative body contouring sculpting measures and the advantages of awake/twilight liposuction surgery stunning body contouring results can be achieved with dramatic decreases in patients downtime  and the avoidance of general anesthesia. This procedure can also be done in the office setting and can include fat transfer to the buttock and breast. 


Awake liposuction is a faster, safer, lower-cost way for you to benefit from 360 Liposuction. It is performed by making small incisions and infusing a special solution called, “tumescent solution”, into the treated area. This solution combines saline with lidocaine, a pain reliver, and epinephrine, which reduces bleeding/bruising. Then a cannula is used to perform suction-assisted aspiration on the area to contour the body and remove unwanted fat. Awake tumescent liposuction is appropriate in the right surgical hands for large volume liposuction. The best candidates for this type of liposuction procedure are healthy individuals who are not getting the fastest and best body contouring results from traditional weight loss measures. 


There will be no general anesthesia during your tumescent awake/twilight liposuction procedure.  Dr. Lissa_ and her certified surgical team will employ a variety of techniques to keep you calm and comfortable during your procedure while you are completely awake and in control of your senses. A cannula is inserted through multiple small incisions which are barely noticeable after the procedure to provide access to stubborn fatty areas after these sites have been numbed with tumescent solution. Your body will experience a gentle rocking back and forth as Dr. Lissa both eliminates fat and contours your body. The whole process takes about 1-4 hours. 


This is one of the great benefits of opting for awake liposuction but will depend on how many areas are addressed and how much fat is removed during the session. The recovery time is shorter when compared to traditional liposuction. Because there is no general anesthesia required and you are up and about right after surgery. Most patients who have an awake liposuction procedure recovered quicker and are back to their normal activities in just a few days. Gym activities can be resumed in 1 week. Awake/Twilight liposuction is a sharp contrast to regular asleep liposuction with general anesthesia, which usually has a recovery time of a week or two. If you do not have two weeks to rest and recover from liposuction and you are a good candidate, awake tumescent liposuction may be the better choice. 


The same amount of fat can be removed with awake liposuction that can be removed with general anesthesia liposuction however awake liposuction is not ideal for patients with a low pain tolerance or an anxiety disorder. Awake liposuction can be used on stubborn areas like a double chin, the muffin top, the abdominal apron, back bra rolls, waist, hips, and thighs or on other fatty excess areas.  Even if you have many problem areas or an extremely high volume of fat in any of these areas, awake liposuction is an option, but your surgery may have to be staged. When you have your consultation, Dr.Bootstaylor  or her patient care consultant will go over the benefits of awake vs. asleep liposuction for your case. 


Immediately! Upon standing to get into your garment  you can clearly identify decreases in fat volume and the restoration of your physique and or hourglass figure. This awake liposuction/ fat reduction and one day fat removal procedure is instant and stands in sharp contrast to noninvasive procedures such as Coolsculpt, cavitation and other fat reducing machines which require multiple sessions and sometime produce questionable fat reduction or physique improvements. The result improves over time (1 month) as the swelling dissipates and the limited skin tightening occurs. On a case by case basis additional skin tightening procedures are performed to reduce saggy skin however most of the time the skin retracts well but sometime has slight irregularities on the surface. 


The average cost of an awake liposuction by Dr. Lissa can run between $4000 to $10,000, depending upon how many areas are addressed and how much fat will be removed.  Dr. Lissa commonly preforms large volume liposuction. If you decide to add a skin tightening procedure to your liposuction you price may increase $1000 to $3000, and thus the price range for awake liposuction is $5000 and $10,000 on average. For your convenience, we offer financing options such as Carecredit, Alpheon or United Medical. We also accept credit cards, cash and bitcoins for our services. 

By Lisa Bootstaylor, MD

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