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The ears are a delicate and vital feature of our faces, offering balance and harmony to the contours of our heads. Some young children and adults attempt to grow their hair longer to cover these beautiful features, as their ear shape causes frustration and stress. It’s widely known in the cosmetic world that ears are a feature that many complain about or wish could be different. At Dr. Lissa Plastic Surgery, we create solutions in the art form of surgery. When it comes to your ears, Otoplasty may be a procedure that can help you attain the ears that you’ve always wanted. Lissa Bootstaylor, MD, has decades of experience working with the sensitive cartilage of the ears and performing Otoplasty. Her professional approach to plastic surgery procedures has made Dr. Lissa Plastic Surgery a premier choice for all types of ear surgeries. This page is filled with the wonderful details you need to help understand if you can benefit from Otoplasty in Atlanta, GA.

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What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty in Atlanta is also commonly known as Ear Surgery or Ear Pinning. We specialize in this cosmetic surgical procedure that reshapes and repositions ears to improve their appearance. Otoplasty can correct a variety of ear deformities, such as protruding or overly large ears, misshapen ears, or ears with abnormalities resulting from injury or birth defects. During the procedure, Dr. Lissa will make incisions behind the ears and remove or reshape the cartilage to create a more natural-looking ear shape and position. At Dr. Lissa Plastic Surgery, Otoplasty is often performed on children, but it can also be done on adults who are frustrated with the appearance of their ears.

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What are the Benefits of Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that offers several significant benefits to those who undergo it in Atlanta; it can lead to results such as

  • Improved appearance of congenital ear abnormalities
  • Permanent results
  • A new natural facial appearance
  • Corrected prominence of very large ears
  • The ears lay flatter against the sides of the head

Who are the Best Candidates for Otoplasty?

The best candidates for Otoplasty in Atlanta are those who are:

  • Non-smokers
  • Have realistic with their expectations about the procedure and results
  • Uncomfortable with the look or appearance of their ears
  • At least 5 years old but under 66 years old
  • Deal with anxiety from the look on their ears
  • Are in fairly good health

Whats the First Step?

If you are considering an Otoplasty in Atlanta, the first step is to contact Dr. Lissa Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation. This consultation is an essential part of the process because it allows Dr. Lissa or our consultants to understand your goals for the surgery, discuss your medical history, and examine your ears. Once our team has all the information, we will create a personalized surgical plan tailored to your unique needs and goals for your ear solutions. This plan will outline the specific techniques they will use, the anesthesia options available, and the anticipated results of the procedure. If you agree with the plan, you can then schedule your procedure date with our Patient Coordinator, who will also provide you with a detailed list of instructions to follow before your Otoplasty surgery.

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What to Expect on the Day of Otoplasty

Otoplasty from Dr. Lissa is a customized procedure that is tailored to the specific needs of each of our patients. First, we make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable, ready for a new step in a cosmetic direction. In most cases, our surgery involves reshaping and removing some of the cartilage behind the ear to achieve the desired result of ears that sit closer to the head, making them less noticeable. This may include folding the cartilage onto itself or removing a portion of it. By reshaping the cartilage, the ears can be brought closer to the head, making them less prominent.

An Otoplasty procedure may also focus on ear placement. With this route, Dr. Lissa will make incisions behind the ear, any scars are well-hidden and generally not noticeable. This process pulls the ears back and allows them to lie flatter against the head. Dr. Lissa and her skilled hands can carefully reshape the cartilage and suture it back together based on the surgery plan. The primary goal of the procedure is to produce natural-looking results that boost your self-confidence rather than an appearance that suggests you have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Otoplasty Recovery

Otoplasty recovery is typically quick and uncomplicated and can be completed in as little as one hour. After the surgery, the ears will be covered with special dressings for several days to promote proper healing. Additionally, patients may be advised to wear a dressing on their ears while sleeping for a few weeks following the procedure to avoid any accidental damage to the area.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost in Atlanta?

The price of Otoplasty in Atlanta depends on various factors, such as the type and extent of your Ear Surgery procedure. To get an accurate estimate of the total cost, it’s essential to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lissa. Once a surgical plan is finalized, our Patient Coordinator will provide a detailed breakdown of all the costs associated with the procedure.

For your convenience, we do offer financing options such as Carecredit, Alpheon, or United Medical. We also accept credit cards, cash, and bitcoins for our services.


Why Choose Dr. Lissa?

Dr. Lissa Bootstaylor is a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon who provides personalized medical and aesthetic services to men and women of all ages. Dr. Lissa is an active member ot the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) There is a reason her name is recognized as one of the best in the country. Her team of caring professionals provides individualized attention to detail for each patient, ensuring that they receive the highest level of care possible. Surgery like Otoplasty is one of Dr. Lissa’s specialties, and she and her team offer the utmost care and attention when it comes to the contours and reconstruction of delicate features like the ears. Whether you’re looking for surgical or nonsurgical treatments to enhance your appearance, Dr. Lissa and her team are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired look while providing personalized care and attention to detail. Trust in their experience and expertise to help you feel your best.


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Otoplasty FAQs

  • “Dr. Bootstaylor performed my plastic surgery several years ago in multiple areas. My results were amazing! She is a perfectionist.”
  • I don’t think there are words to describe the experience with Dr. Lissa and staff. The love and kindness is profound. They make you feel heard, but most of all, they make everyone feel beautiful. They treat you like family, not just another patient off of the street. Love, love love, Dr. Lissa Bootstaylor and the ladies of the office!
  • The entire staff was friendly and professional. They took the time to go over the entire procedure with me. As for Dr Lissa, she was very personable and she listened to me. And answered all my questions and concerns.

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