Minimize The Appearance Of Wrinkles With Botox Cosmetic

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If you’re an adult who is noticing visual signs of aging on the face, chances are you are primarily concerned with those smile lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. These are small, dynamic wrinkles that form when certain facial expressions are made. Smiling, squinting and frowning results in the appearance of tiny creases. The skin also doesn’t contain as much collagen, elastin and moisture as it did when you were younger. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an effective treatment that can minimize the appearance of these lines and wrinkles.

BOTOX® Cosmetic doesn’t actually treat the skin directly. Instead, it affects the muscles. The muscles that lie just beneath the facial skin are responsible for our facial expressions. When they are prevented from fully contracting, the crow’s feet and other wrinkles all but disappear no matter how much the facial skin is pulled taut or relaxed.

We suggest that you come to our office for a consultation. As we examine your face while you’re making certain expressions, we can quickly determine the cause of the wrinkling. We can strategically pinpoint the proper sites where BOTOX® Cosmetic injections will be most effective.

The ideal candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic is an adult who is experiencing wrinkle formation around the mouth, eyes and on the forehead. If we determine that BOTOX® Cosmetic will work as an effective treatment, we can schedule the procedure at a time that is convenient for you.

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is very simple. During the procedure, the solution is skillfully injected into the preselected areas. It takes a few days for you to start seeing results. You will still be able to make whatever facial expressions you want, but the skin tends to remain taut because the muscles in the face are no longer contracting as much as they did before the treatment.

Many people choose BOTOX® Cosmetic as their treatment of choice because they simply aren’t ready for something more drastic. It’s also a very convenient procedure, as virtually no downtime is involved. This means clients can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment at our office.

By Lisa Bootstaylor, MD

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