Breast Reduction Before & After Images


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Backaches, neck pain and deep indentations from bra straps are just some of the signs that your breasts may be too large for your body. Our Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures show how Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor of  Body Esthetics help women achieve breasts that are more proportionate to their body styles. Individual results may vary.

Women choose to have breast reduction surgery for several reasons.

  • Their large breasts make them feel self-conscious.
  • They cannot find bras and clothing to fit their bodies because of their breast size.
  • They suffer pain and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders and other areas because of the excess weight of their breasts.

Our Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures show some examples of how breast reduction helps women like you. The surgery removes excess breast tissue and skin so that your breasts are sized better according to your body type and personal desires.

Your breast reduction may require Dr. Bootstaylor to reposition your areola and nipple to maintain a natural appearance when the breast size is reduced. The tissue is not completely excised so that the blood supply is maintained. The technique used by Dr. Bootstaylor is tailored to your anatomy, and the surgery may take two to four hours.

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