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The beauty of the nose as it relates in proportion to the rest of the human face has long been an important feature in many cultures throughout history. If you weren’t born with an ideal nose that perfectly complements your natural facial features, Lisa Bootstaylor MD and Sanjeev Kaila, MD,FRCSC, one of Atlanta’s top-rated plastic surgeons, can help you get the nose you’ve always wanted. Dr. Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila specializes in rhinoplasty for men and women and is especially attuned to African-American rhinoplasty procedures. She customizes your nose surgery to suit your aesthetic and functional needs. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.





What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure that reshapes the size, position, and function of your nose. You may want to change the shape of your nose, the width, or improve your breathing. Rhinoplasty surgery can change the structure and position of your nose so it not only enhances your facial features, but also allows you to breathe more easily.

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Men and women whose facial features have finished developing may be good candidates for rhinoplasty. If you desire to change the shape of your nose, or if you have an injury or a structural defect from birth that prevents you from breathing optimally, you may be a good candidate as well. Additionally, if you’re in good overall health, you don’t smoke, and you have realistic goals about the outcome of nose surgery, rhinoplasty might be an ideal procedure to enhance your appearance.

What can I expect during rhinoplasty?

First, Dr. Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila discuss your concerns and how you’d like to change the appearance or function of your nose. She then tailors a surgery that’s just for you, so your new nose complements your existing features. Depending on the extent of your rhinoplasty, Dr. Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila may perform surgery under local or general anesthetic. 

She sculpts your nose to its desired shape and straightens your deviated septum, which is the cartilage partition in the middle of your nose, if necessary so you can breathe better. Depending on your specific nose shape, she may remove some bone or cartilage to reduce the size of your nose.

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Once she completes the procedure, Dr. Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila drapes your skin over the new framework of your nose and places a splint on it to help it retain its new shape as you recover. You should be up and around in a couple of days, and you can usually return to work in about a week. You’ll need to refrain from strenuous activities for several weeks so your nose can fully heal, so you won’t be able to work out, swim, or engage in any other activity that elevates your blood pressure following surgery.

Learn more about rhinoplasty and find out if you’re a good candidate for this transformative procedure. Call Dr. Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila’s Peachtree Street office to schedule an appointment or request a convenient time for a consultation using the online booking system.