Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


Rejuvenate your appearance by toning and sculpting your upper arms with an arm lift. Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor provides arm lift surgery for residents the metro Atlanta area and surrounding communities in Georgia.

What is an upper arm lift?

Over time the skin changes in four ways: it loses thickness, loses elasticity, loses adherence to the underlying tissue, and is affected by gravity. One area where these changes are especially apparent is the upper arm. An arm lift, or brachioplasty, can lift and tighten up loose skin in the upper arms, resulting in a firmer, more youthful contour.

How can an Arm Lift rejuvenate my appearance?

If you have sagging skin that looks like “wings” or bags of excess fat and skin that hang loosely from the upper arms, you can benefit from an arm lift procedure to tighten muscle and skin in the upper arm, producing a smooth and toned contour that makes your arms look younger and leaner.

Who is a suitable candidate for an Arm Lift?

Any adult in good health who wants to tighten muscle and skin in the upper arm may be a good candidate for an arm lift. This procedure is recommended for individuals who are roughly within 10 to 20 pounds of their ideal weight. Those who still have weight to lose are advised to hold off on this procedure until they are closer to their ideal weight because future weight fluctuations may affect results.

How is the Arm Lift procedure performed?

An arm lift usually takes about two hours. Dr. Bootstaylor begins by marking the area of excess skin. The anesthesia is then administered. Dr. Bootstaylor may offer you the choice between using a local or general anesthetic; however, most patients are most comfortable with a general anesthetic for this procedure. Incisions are made on the inner and under surface of the arm. The surgical opening may run from the armpit to as low as the elbow. While the excess skin and fat is removed, the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place.

Dr. Bootstaylor performs surgical procedures at Emory University Hospital Midtown and Northside Hospital.

How quickly will I heal after an Arm Lift?

Though you’ll feel groggy immediately after the procedure, your recovery should be quick. Most patients go home the same day. The recovery period after an arm lift generally lasts one to two weeks. You’ll probably be able to return to work in a week, and resume exercise within two weeks. Strenuous workouts and contact sports can be engaged in after about four weeks.

What are my risks when undergoing an Arm Lift?

The most common risks include, but are not limited to, a reaction to the anesthesia, excessive bleeding, infection, visible scarring, possible asymmetry or irregularities, and possible changes in nerve sensation.

Will I have visible scars after an Arm Lift?

The arm lift procedure leaves a faint scar discreetly camouflaged on the inside of the upper arm, which is nearly invisible when your arms rest at your sides. These hairline scars will eventually fade away on their own, becoming virtually invisible over time.

Are results permanent?

Patients who maintain a healthy, stable weight and healthy, active lifestyle may experience long-term results.

Rejuvenate your upper arms with an upper arm lift performed by Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor, acclaimed plastic surgeon and director of Body Esthetics, a plastic and reconstructive surgery center that provides arm lift and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for residents of the metro Atlanta area and surrounding communities in Georgia.





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