Lymphatic Massage


Lymphatic Drainage Massage Essential to Recovery

Lymphatic Drainage Massage(LDM)-Is a specialized massage technique that can be used to help patients recover more quickly from liposuction and cosmetic surgery. LDM helps the lymphatic system work more efficiently by draining excess fluid that can accumulate, which causes swelling and pain. Lymphatic massage can also help enhance the results of non-invasive Lipo treatments by helping the body eliminate fat cells more quickly.


Reduce swelling and edema. LDM reroutes the accumulated lymph fluid to viable lymph pathways untouched by surgery to allow for accelerated drainage.

Promote flushing of toxins. The main function of the lymph system is to detoxify and eliminate waste. Once toxins enter the bloodstream, they are purified through the largest lymphatic tissue in the body, the spleen.

Prevent scar tissue and fibrosis. Lymph fluid that is left to accumulate below incisions or sitting in interstitial space can solidify, causing the formation of scar tissue and/or fibrotic tissue. LDM prevents this buildup to help prevent this process.

Bruise reduction. Cells transported by the lymph system are moved away 10 times faster with LDM. Bruises heal in the fraction of the time.

Improve circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. For faster wound healing, proper blood flow is important to help distribute nourishment to injured areas. The movement of lymph fluid can help move infectious materials from the body. LDM also helps the body quickly eliminate the fat cells after non-invasive Lipo treatments.

Pain management. The pressure of excess fluid around nerves can cause pain and discomfort. LDM helps relieve this pain by helping drain the retained fluid in bodily tissues.


Lymphatic Drainage is an essential part of the healing process. Many patients experience pain, swelling, sleep disturbances and bruising after surgery and have limited options to deal with these uncomfortable symptoms. Without proper support, healing can be prolonged or diminished. LDM helps smooth out skin irregularities and eliminate lumps and indentations. Why not also invest in one of the best methods to enhance recovery and the results of you surgery. Typically it’s recommended that patients receive anywhere from 1 to 3 sessions per week for up to 6 weeks following their surgery depending on the patient.

Lymphatic drainage is extremely beneficial to an upcoming surgery or procedure. It helps prepare your body’s immune system for the surgery, helping against the upcoming trauma. 1 to 2 sessions a week prior to surgery is recommended. Consult with your surgeon prior to receiving massage.



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