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If the idea of surgical procedures or painful non-invasive body contouring causes you concern, consider shaping and toning your problem areas with Hot Sculpting™. We are a medical practice focused on delivering exceptional cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care, and we provide Hot Sculpting™ treatments for our patients. Our facility, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila, services residents in Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead and surrounding areas in Georgia.

What is Hot Sculpting™?

Hot Sculpting™ is an alternative method to painful non-invasive body contouring and surgical fat reduction procedures. Hot Sculpting™ is a body shaping and toning method that utilizes a patented, ultrasonic handpiece to generate overlapping ultrasonic beams to a targeted tissue area. Hot Sculpting™ is a state-of-the-art procedure that works on a wide range of body types.

How can Hot Sculpting™ benefit me?

If you are searching for a procedure that will tighten and tone your skin without pain, Hot Sculpting™ is a viable option. The treatment requires no downtime or recovery time, and you can receive it multiple times for longer lasting results. Hot Sculpting™ can be performed on several areas in one visit without side effects, such as swelling or redness. After the first treatment, the results are visible and measurable, and additional procedures can be performed in as early as one week.

Am I a good candidate for Hot Sculpting™?

Regardless of your current BMI, Hot Sculpting™ can be used on a full range of body types. To determine whether Hot Sculpting™ is right for you, schedule a consultation with our medical team. A variety of factors will be discussed, including your overall health, medical history and the aesthetic goal you wish to achieve.

How is Hot Sculpting™ performed?

Hot Sculpting™ is a painless procedure that delivers overlapping ultrasonic beams to a desired area of tissue. The patented ultrasonic handpiece uses two non-focused beams that operate on both low and high frequencies, which converge deep within the tissue. With just one treatment, Hot Sculpting™ causes a mechanical and thermal effect that is visible and measurable. Since the procedure is painless, no anesthesia is required, and there is no downtime afterwards.

Can I combine Hot Sculpting™ with other procedures?

Not only can you use Hot Sculpting™ individually, but you can also utilize it to complement other toning and body shaping procedures. Independently, the Hot Sculpting™ procedure is painless with no downtime, but if it is paired with another treatment, there might be downtime or side effects from the other procedures.

How soon will I see results?

Results from the Hot Sculpting™ procedure are noticeable right away. Not only can you see the results, but you can measure them immediately after the procedure is over. For longer lasting results, schedule 3-5 Hot Sculpting™ treatments.

Hot Sculpting™ is a new state-of-the-art procedure that tones and shapes tissue for painless and immediately noticeable results. Our office is proud to provide Hot Sculpting™ body shaping and toning, along with other body contouring procedures, for our patients in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia. Contact us today for a consultation!


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