Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures in Atlanta, GA


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Your nose is positioned right in the middle of your face, so any imperfections are noticeable. Our Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures show examples of how board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor & Dr. Kaila, has helped men and women in Buckhead, Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs and surrounding communities in Georgia love their noses more. Individual results may vary.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery on the nose that is either cosmetic or functional in nature. When the surgery is performed to enhance the aesthetics of the nose, it may help with:

  • Nostrils that are too large or small
  • A tip of the nose that points upward or downward
  • A broad bridge of the nose
  • Bumps
  • Crooked appearance

Although function is not the primary goal of cosmetic rhinoplasty, some patients notice that they can breathe better after the surgery.

Depending on the type of changes to the size and shape of your nose, Dr. Bootstaylor will use an open or closed technique. The open technique requires that the skin and soft tissue be pulled back from the underlying cartilage and bone. This is reserved for more advanced corrections. The closed technique requires an incision in the skin between your nostrils. Dr. Bootstaylor uses special instruments to access the internal hard tissues.

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